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Students can print all the necessary handouts:
1) Syllabus
2) California Chemistry Standards
3) Safety Rules
4)How to sudy for chemistry

By clicking on the desired link or chapter, students can get:
1) homework
2) notes
3) labs
4) test review
5) web helps

In Glendale High School, we are three Chemistry teachers working together to enhance our students' learning by sharing all the necessary information, abilities and technology.

Thanks to Mr. wigger who works so hard to put together all the excellent links that all the students in Gendale High School can benefit from.

Thanks to Mrs. Taylorson who shares all her wonderful knowledge after teaching chemistry for so many years.

Thanks to Dr. Herr and Dr. Rivas at CSUN who helped me improve my science teaching when I attended their interesting classes for my Masters degree in Science Education.


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Click on this interactive periodic table and learn about the electron configuration of most elements

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