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Try those links and find out how great information they can give you.

Here are the best links that cover the contents of the course


You can find more links on the Web Help Page.

Search Engines

For more help reviewing the 90 released Chem CST questions, Mr. wigger video taped the complete explanation for each question.

SHMOOP will help you review for all type of tests

This is our new book Glencoe Chemistry Matter and Change link.

Where you can find the workbook, book and even power points that Mr. Wigger put together

   This is Mr. Wigger's website (my wonderful colleague at Glendale High)where you can find more tutorials, lecture notes and practice tests

This periodic table will link you to the java applet program.

Interactive questions on all subjects (Lecture Help Pages)

 Molecule Gallery MDL arranged alphabetically. Large library & well done.

  Introduction to Chemistry Websites (Mega Site of great chemistry links)